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Helú Carlos Slim

I'm a Mexican business magnate, investor and philanthropist.

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charitable projects

‘foundations do not solve poverty, we need to create companies’

opportunity magnate

“The best wall is investment, development and employment opportunities,”

financial pyramid

"los Casabolseros" the economy and daily life is controlled in an established empire

My Success Story

How I Started

I invested in a government savings bond that taught me about the concept of compound interest.

I eventually saved every financial and business transaction I made into a personal ledger book, which I still keep. At the age of 12, I made my first stock purchase, of shares in a Mexican bank.

In my video I illustrate a common measure the government and the general public must take to eradicate poverty in a whole nation


Business Magnate

Good Negatiator in deals.



Assitance to startups.



Investing in human capital.

Patners Reviews

Happy Colleagues

The fruit of my investments

Companies, I have worked to establish

I began to build the foundations of Grupo Carso at 25 years old, Grupo Carso made diverse investments & acquisitions during economic meltdown in mexico

Grupo Carso
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Carlos Slim

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